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Getting Started 🚀

Sidex is currently distributed via Cargo and To install the Sidex command line tool run:

cargo install sidex-cli

Instead, if you want the most recent version (possibly unstable) directly from the Git repository, run:

cargo install --git sidex-cli

For the best developer experience, also install the VS Code extension.


As Sidex is still under construction, it is best to install it directly from Git for now.

Please report any issues you may have.

Creating a Sidex Bundle

Sidex organizes data models and interface definitions into bundles.

To create a new Sidex bundle named my_bundle run:

sidex new my_bundle

Every bundle consists of a flat collection of schemas located in the schemas directory.

Here is a simple example of a schema you may place in the file person.sidex:

// Import a type from another bundle and schema.
import ::std::result::Result

/// A *Universally Unique Identifier* (UUID).
#[json(type = "string")] // In JSON this is a string.
#[rust(type = "::uuid::Uuid")] // In Rust this is `::uuid::Uuid`.
opaque Uuid // This is an opaque user-defined type.

/// A unique id identifying a person.
wrapper PersonId: Uuid // This is a wrapper type.

/// A *role* of a person.
variant Role { // This is a variant type.
/// The person is an administrator.
/// The person is an user.

/// A person.
record Person { // This is a record type.
/// The unique id of the person.
id: PersonId,
/// The full name of the person.
name: string,
/// The optional e-mail address of the person.
email?: string, // This field is optional.
/// The role of the person.
#[json(name = "level")] // The JSON field name is `level`.
role: Role,
/// Unique ids of the person's friends.
friends: [PersonId], // A sequence of person ids.

/// Error type for API calls.
record Error {
/// The error message.
message: string

/// The main API interface.
interface Api {
/// Lookup a person by their id.
fun get_person_by_id(id: PersonId) -> Result<Person, Error>

To check the entire bundle for syntactic and semantic validity run:

sidex check

Generating Code

To generate TypeScript type definitions in the directory out-ts run:

sidex generate typescript ./out-ts/

You can also generate Rust code by running:

sidex generate rust ./out-rs/

To learn more, checkout the examples or continue reading the user guide.