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Simplifies data exchange across your entire stack.

Sidex is a format- and language-agnostic data modeling and API definition framework with a focus on type safety, extensibility, and developer ergonomics. Sidex aims to simplify data exchange between different programming languages and platforms via potentially multiple interchange formats and storage backends.

🚧 Under Construction 🚧

Sidex is still under construction. In particular, the functionality described here may not exist yet, may change considerably in the future, or may even be completely abandoned at a later point in time. We are actively working on the design, features, and vision of Sidex. ⚠️

If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback regarding the early prototype, or anything else you like to discuss, please reach out to us by starting a discussion on GitHub.

Ease of Use

Sidex was specifically designed with a focus on developer ergonomics and ease of use to get your project up and running in no time.

Powerful Type System

Sidex's powerful type system enables you to specify rich data models and build APIs at scale. We'll take care of the chores and boilerplate.

Format- and Language-Agnostic

Sidex is format- and language-agnostic so you can choose the right tools for the job. It is designed to be extended and adapted to your needs.