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Upgrading from v0.6

To upgrade to v0.7, first update the run-bakery script with:

curl -O && chmod +x ./run-bakery

Please also remove the old cache with:

rm -rf .rugpi

Here are the changes you need to make compared to version 0.6:

  1. The image option boot_flow has been superseded by the target option. To use the new target option make the following changes depending your previous boot_flow:
    • boot_flow = "u-boot"target = "rpi-uboot"
    • boot_flow = "tryboot"target = "rpi-tryboot"
  2. The include_firmware option has been replaced with the core/rpi-include-firmware recipe. Please use that recipe and remove the old option.
  3. The following core recipes have been renamed:
    • core/raspberrypicore/rpi-raspios-setup
    • core/pi-cleanupcore/rpi-raspios-cleanup
    • core/apt-cleanupcore/pkg-cleanup (also supports apk now)
    • core/apt-updatecore/pkg-upgrade (also supports apk now)
    • core/apt-upgradecore/pkg-upgrade (also supports apk now)
  4. The following core recipes have been removed:
    • core/disable-swap (now part of rpi-raspios-cleanup via parameter)