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The Commercial-Grade Platform for Raspberry Pi

Rugpi is an open-source platform empowering you to build innovative products based on Raspberry Pi.

Rugpi enables you to build commercial-grade, customized variants of Raspberry Pi OS for your project. It boasts three core features: (1) A modern workflow to build customized system images, (2) robust over-the-air updates with rollback support of the entire system, including firmware files, and (3) managed state which is preserved across reboots and updates.

Stability Guarantees

While Rugpi is a young and evolving project, we understand that the lifetime of embedded devices spans multiple years, if not decades. We aim to maintain backwards-compatibility for updates. This ensures that devices using Rugpi can be updated in the future. If you're developing integrations with Rugpi, please be aware that the building pipeline, CLI, and APIs are expected to change.

Reliability Focused

Rugpi's focus on reliability ensures uninterrupted operation and minimizes costly repairs in the field, making it the ideal platform for businesses developing Raspberry Pi-based embedded devices.

Managed State

Simplify embedded device development with Rugpi's managed state feature. Effortlessly implement factory reset functionality and safeguard against accidental state corrupting the system.

Over-the-Air Updates

Streamline software updates for embedded devices with Rugpi's robust over-the-air update capability. Seamlessly deliver the latest features and enhancements while minimizing disruptions.