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Device Management

Rugpi provides the reliable foundation for building images, OTA updates, and state management. To manage devices remotely, Rugpi integrates well with existing off-the-shelf device management solutions. Currently, Rugpi provides ready-made integrations with and Mender. When building a device with Rugpi, you can also switch between those at any point in time. is an open-source, cloud-agnostic IoT framework designed for resource constraint devices. It provides an abstraction layer to interface with different providers of IoT management solutions such as Cumulocity IoT, Azure IoT, and AWS IoT. officially supports Rugpi to build and deploy images. To learn more, checkout the Rugpi reference repository.


Rugpi can be used to build images for use with Mender's device management solution. Using Rugpi over Mender's conversion approach has the advantage that Rugpi's modern image building workflow and state management can be used. In addition, it works for 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS, which mender-convert does not support,1 and on newer Raspberry Pi's the tryboot feature can be used to deploy updates to the boot partition, including changes to device tree overlays in config.txt. To learn more, checkout the Rugpi reference repository for the Mender integration.


  1. At the time of writing. For updates, see this issue in Mender's issue tracker.