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Version 0.7

· One min read
Maximilian Köhl
Founder of Silitics

We are excited to announce the release of Rugpi version 0.7. 🎉 With this release, we expand the device support beyond Raspberry Pi and add official support for Debian and Alpine Linux.

Rugpi version 0.7 introduces support for generic EFI-compatible systems by integrating with Grub. Images for EFI systems can be built based on Debian and Alpine Linux. In addition to Raspberry Pi OS, Rugpi also comes with built-in recipes for Debian and Alpine Linux that work on Raspberry Pi 4 and 5. The image building pipeline has become more flexible again and can now also be used to bootstrap root filesystems, which is how support for the different distributions is implemented.

⚠️ With version 0.7 we introduced a few backwards-incompatible changes to the image building pipeline. Checkout, the how to upgrade guide for details.